Warehouse Management (inbound-outbound logistics)

Warehouse Management (inbound-outbound logistics)


  • Inefficient logistics tend to generate delays in transportation lead-times and difficulties in product orders, leading to a significant hinderance to customer service quality.
  • Companies facing these challenges may benefit from a reassessment of the technological, organizational and developmental approach of their employed human resources.


  • As a support mechanism for this reassessment, SKKIP proposes a review methodology of the logistics process and warehouse management through the use of simulation modelling.
  • The model can determine not only the optimal size of the warehouse but also support the creation of the executive project, the selection and training of the personnel, and the definition of continuous improvement projects.


  • Improvements in the performance of the logistics process and warehouse management.
  • Improvements in the construction of multidisciplinary skills of staff.
  • Improvements in the corporate culture focusing on targeted management approaches based on objectives and problem solving.