Strategic management in the airport industry

Skkip Strategic managment
Skkip Strategic managment

Strategic management in the airport industry


  • Given the profound changes that have occurred in the flight market throughout the last decade, both airlines and airport managers have been pushed to change their financial and industrial resource management.
  • There is an increasing need for managers to control both strategic alignment and operational information, which must be standardized and simplified before it can be adequately interpreted.


  • Skkip proposes an analytical platform that implements managerial experience while incorporating business model knowledge on a Business Intelligence Market platform.
  • The analytics identify correlations between the data, analyze historical series, determine seasonal trends and behaviors, simulate economic scenarios, segment and classify customers, and calculate indices, scores and ranks.


  • This system allows the user to carry out a strategic monitoring of its designated areas of responsibility, where potential alerts that may occur are identified.
  • Immediate benchmark with the “best in class” data provided for the user
  • Clarification of assessment methods, accountability and transparency of activities, and the sharing of accounting data and metrics.