Resource Planning for the airport industry

Resource Planning for the airport industry


  • Following the major changes that have occurred in the airlines business over the last decade, it is becoming increasingly necessary for airport managers to operate with efficiency improvement measures with a drive towards effectiveness improvements.
  • Managers need to deal with potential issues through analytical methods in order to extrapolate reliable decision-making elements, limit risks and maximize benefits.


  • SKKIP proposes a methodology that combines right-sizing calculations with a strategic simulation model. This helps managers explore and analyze the effects of decisions in a risk-free, virtual environment.
  • This in turn facilitates a more efficient allocation of resources during implementation.


  • Strategy implementation: policy strength tests as well as process analysis, implementation and optimization.
  • Planning: support provided for scaling, resource planning and operator training.
  • Cost management: implementation and validation of integrated financial economic models.
  • Arrangements: sensitivity analysis, “what if” analysis, implementation of experimental methods.