Business Divestment: simplifying the supply chain in the medium-long term

Business Divestment: simplifying the supply chain in the medium-long term


  • A large international pharmaceutical company decides to buy out a  set of products from a rival company. The divestment of these specific products requires to transfer the market’s responsibility as well as the manufacturing technology, distribution channels, clinical trials and intellectual property assets.
  • How can these companies plan and implement product supply schedules, despite having potentially incompatible operating systems and procedures?


  • SKKIP proposes an independent platform based on simulation modelling that is able to analyze the existing situation, and model the production process of the selling company. It does this by step-by-step production logics that perfectly replicate the timings, outputs and possible deviations of the production system.
  • Furthermore, the distribution and selling channels of the buying company can also be modelled, all while valuing warehouse management rules.


  • Simulation models can model disruptive events, and identify the optimal solution in a completely risk-free environment.
  • The system allows for a detailed sales management structure, down to the individual customer.
  • Thanks to advanced cryptography, the platform complies with the nondisclosure needs of every user, and solutions can be put on a Cloud server, independently of the operating systems of the buyer and seller.