Supply chain sustainability: a case study on dairy industry

By Pietro Negri and Luigi Geppert

COVID-19 vaccine supply chain: addressing complexity through simulation modelling

Written by: Pietro Negri, Elisa Panzeri

Over the last few years, market demands in terms of sustainability have become increasingly compelling. Re-thinking and re-planning companies’ activities from a sustainable perspective is no longer optional, but has become mandatory: today companies are called upon to question their own environmental impact. Sustainability has thus become an important driver for all business decisions concerning supply chain activities and processes: today we call it Sustainable Supply Chain (SSC), where transparency and sustainability are keywords and fundamental components of new business strategies.

The paper aims to explore the relationship between supply chains and sustainability, highlighting how decisions concerning supply chain must be made adopting a systemic approach in order to be considered truly sustainable, both for the company and the environment. There is a generalized tendency to overlook the impact of sustainable choices on the whole supply chain, and that can lead too poor business decisions.

The case study in the article is specifically focused on the yogurt sector and draws the best practices carried by the main market players.